The motorcycle course is increasingly popular in Dubai and prepares students for RTA driving test to get Dubai driving license category 1. Students who complete this course and pass RTA tests are licensed to drive either manual or automatic transmission motorcycles. Minimum age requirement for motorcycle driving license course is 17 years.

This course also teaches turning and cornering at high speeds such as curves on highways and winding roads, especially when the curve is tighter than anticipated, tackling sharp turns from stoplights or stop signs, and pulling out of parking spaces or driveways or onto a narrow street.

Motorcycle license Dubai and Other Emirates Fees and Procedure Details


Key course content

  1. Vehicle balancing and control
  2. Vehicle positioning
  3. Observation of traffic signs
  4. Lane discipline
  5. Use of gears, clutch, accelerator, horn, brakes, side mirrors, etc

Important Information

  • Students who do not possess any motorcycle driving license are considered as a Beginner and thus have to register for mandatory 30 classes.
  • Students are eligible to take 16 classes provided they have a valid motorcycle driving license from their country and an affidavit from their consulate stating they have a valid motorcycle license.
  • Applicant having nationality and driving license for the listed 41 countries can directly transfer their license by walking into any RTA Office with the necessary documentation and fee.
  • People who have any traffic fine in their name will not be able to open a file until the fine is cleared.
  • Students coming for bike driving license training classes must wear safety shoes, full-length sleeves shirt / T-Shirts and full-length trousers whenever riding.

How to Get Motorcycle License in Dubai UAE

The procedure of getting a motorcycle license in Dubai and all other emirates are similar. Minimum age requirement for file opening is 17 years.

Documents required to get Bicycle driving License in Dubai

Beginners who have no prior driving experience or bike driving license required to submit below-listed document while applying for motorcycle driving license in any regions in UAE like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah etc.

  1. Two passport copies with valid Dubai residence visa
  2. Original Emirates ID card and copy
  3. Four passport size photographs
  4. Eye Test receipt
  5. No Objection Letter (NOC) from Sponsor

In case your sponsor is your father or husband, the passport copy of your sponsor is also required.

RTA File opening

  • Student File will be opened in our in-house RTA section
  • Eye Test will be done at our in-house Eye testing facility for AED 100 (Receipt will be attached to the RTA Traffic Department Form).
  • RTA Learning Permit is issued upon payment of RTA Admission Fees
  • A student can then pay by choosing his preference of training structure. Minimum
  • advance payment of AED 1500 is required for registration.
  • Upon registration, the student will receive the Student Folder consisting of Driving Manual, Signal Card, Learn Driving DVD, Lecture Schedule Booklet & Driving Centres Trainee Rights and Responsibilities.

Motorcycle license Fees (Cost) in Dubai

Motorcycle license Dubai fees (Training Fees in AED and Other Details)

Fees Description Regular Shift Friday VIP
Eye Test 100 100 100 100
Driving School Admission Fees 520 520 520 575
RTA File opening, learning permit & RTA Book 510 510 510 510
Lecture Fees 375 375 375 500
RTA Theory test/signal test 310 310 310 460
Assessment test 225 225 225 220
Road Test 290 290 290 490
License Issue 270 270 270 310
Training fees for 30 classes 1500 3150 2400 6150
Training fees for 16 classes 800 1680 1280 3280

Motorcycle License Test Procedure

Students who register for Motorcycle driving license course need to take 3 lectures. These lectures in different languages such as English/Hindi/Urdu and. Please note that all students have to bring their Registration Card (MDT), RTA Training Book and Learning Permit for the lectures attendance.

  • 1st Lecture: Rules of the road
  • 2nd Lecture: Traffic signs
  • 3rd Lecture: Final Lecture

Rules of Attendance

  • Please ensure you have attended Lecture 1 & 2 before booking the theory test.
  • Please ensure you have attended all 3 lectures before you start your practical driving classes.
Name of Test Test Location Taken by When
Knowledge Test Al Qusais, Al Quoz & Port Rashid RTA After attending all the lectures
LLST / MLST Al Qusais, Al Quoz & Port Rashid RTA After 16 classes (in case of 30 class registration)
After 8 classes (in case of 16 class registration)
Assessment Test Driving center will decide Driving Center After 28 classes ( in case of 30 class registration)
After 14 classes (in case of 16 class registration)
Road Test Al Qusais, Al Quoz & Port Rashid RTA After Assessment test passing


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